Quality Is Paramount

Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC/QA)

All Steel bars might look the same, might weigh the same, but are they really the same? No. There is definitely a difference when comparing TEHRI MAHASHAKTI TMT with other ordinary brands. To make the final steel bar absolutely flawless and imbibed with maximum beneficial features, TEHRI IRON & STEEL CASTING LTD. has set up its own state-of-the-art Laboratory which is perhaps one of its kinds in the entire Indian Steel Industry.

In the Laboratory, a highly competent team of Metallurgists constantly endeavors to up-grade the features of the product. Incredible feature of rust-resistance is induced right from the raw material phase. Each rib is tested and re-tested to make the impeccable steel TMT BAR. The Lab has ultra-modern equipments which give the most accurate results.

The major technologies that we have are :

Spectro MeterSPECTRO METER: Most of the other companies undertake chemical analysis of the raw material manually, in which the test is done through old methods hence the possibility of human error increases and also with this method testing of some important elements is quite impossible. We have the State-of-the-Art machinery for the same purpose. This machine has been directly imported from Germany which can test 30 contents in less than one minute to ensure that the analysis is close to perfection.

Computerised Universal Testing MachineCOMPUTERISED U.T.M: We have a computerised UTM made by FIE of 100 TON to have better results than the manual UTM.

The Lab Equipments installed with us are one of the MOST HIGH-TECH equipments, which are hard to find with any mild steel industry that produces Tor, TMT and structural steel . The quality control starts right from the raw material of the product to the finished goods. The laboratory also takes care of the chemical and mechanical compositions in each bar.

The Laboratory helps making our steel products more and more industry receptive through various research and development processes.