Steel Girder Manufacturer In India

Tehri Iron & Steel Casting Ltd has been constructing steel girders since years. We have experience of handling complicated structures as well as geometry in bridge industry and fabrications. Immaterial of the complications involved, we care to strictly adhere to the project timeliness. We have experience of working with extensive range of structural steel fabrication projects all across the globe.

Steel is common owing to its durability and capability to withstand profound weight. For long distance bridges, we use steel girderalong with some concrete to make it strong.

Steel girder types

Some of the diverse bridges andsteel girdervarietiesthat we manufacture are:

  • Steel Beam: Manufactured in a manner that the steel girder can hold up the bridge from below.
  • Steel Arched Created in arched form where the support is from both the split ends of the bridge.
  • Truss Steel The triangular steel components interconnected to make the bridge are actually truss steel. It is quite common in high-level bridges.

We are no doubt, one of the topmost manufacturer as well as exporters of steel roof girders. Our girders are free of corrosion and scrape, thereby having necessary durability and toughness. We manufacture products by keeping in mind the most recent developments in the current market.

We value your satisfaction

India is one of the major consumers of sponge iron and utilizes it as raw materials for the manufacturing of steel with the help of steel arc furnace. Large quantity of scrap is essential for the manufacture of steel and its supply is irregular. Therefore, it is one of the major substitutes to offer regularity in supply as well as quality. We are a notable sponge iron company to leverage this opportunity and produce superior quality sponge iron India for utmost benefit of our customers.