Round Mild Steel and Cast Iron Billet Manufacturer

We area trusted supplier of a wide range of iron billets. We are among the best steel billets manufacturers in India well-equipped to supply billets of all grades. Our dedicated team of iron billet experts is well trained to deliver all types of products depending on your custom requirements.

Extreme quality iron and steel billets

We possess state-of-art modern manufacturing facility, which includes induction furnace, continuous casting machines, and the highest quality testing controls. We care to take all the necessary precautions to ensure zero atmospheric gases during the billet casting process. Further, we offer all possible sizes of steel and iron billets from 80 to 200 mm in all possible steel grades.

We are one of the leading iron and stainless steel billet manufacturers in India. With core competency in producing the best grades at billets, we are now among the largest cast iron billet suppliers in India. Our well-qualified metallurgy experts make sure that you get the best grade billets at most affordable rates. The meticulous manufacturing and quality control process helps us deliver the finest grade round steel billets and mild steel billets in the quickest possible time.

Our Billet Features

  • Perfect dimension
  • Industry best tensile strength
  • Tested for high-temperature and extreme pressure tolerance
  • Corrosion resistant mild and round steel billets
  • Used across several industries
  • All the possible lab specification of hardness, heat number, grade, size, and weight
  • Free from any surface defects or cracks.

The unparalleled manufacturers

At Tehri Iron & Steel Casting Ltd, wespecializein manufacturing continuous cast billets for applications like forging, upsetting, ring-rolling, re-rolling, hot & cold-finished bars, and precision shafts. Feel free to approach us for any of your requirements related to mild steel billets, iron billet, etc. We are the best steel billets manufacturersand we would make sure to live up to your expectations.