Mild Steel Ingot Manufacturing Company

At Tehri Iron & Steel Casting Ltd, we are one of the premier ingot manufacturing companies in India. Our iron ingot is of the highest quality and suitable for all hot working applications. We care to duly follow all the quality standards to ensure the highest surface quality, internal quality, and chemical composition.

Superior grade ingot of iron

We are one of the renowned players in the steel industry and hold widespread acclamation for our quality and commitment. Just highlight your specifications, and our well-trained ironmen will deliver the same as per your specifications with the commitment of the highest quality standards. We have a vast array of special iron ingotproduct to meet all your needs, such as iron and stainless steel ingot, round bars, flats, etc.

Established in 1968 and with current production of 12,000 MT per month, we are now a US$100 million annual turnover company. We cherish our happy customers most and mobilize all the possible resources to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through qualityiron ingot and amazing service. Our core team is dedicated to finding the most effective solutions for customers through the state-of-art technology innovation system.

Buy the best iron ingot

You can always buy iron ingot from us and cast it into the length as per your requirements. Just let us know your requirement of shape and weight, and we are fully equipped to deliver special ingot of iron including mild steel ingots and stainless steel ingot of all grades and weight up to 22 MT in the round, octagonal, and square shapes.

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Our core competency is the highest quality custom solutions for all your iron and steel-related requirements. We are strong in our value and flexible in our approach. It is therefore high time to opt for steel and iron ingot buy and shape your ambitious business projects with our products.