Best Quality TMT Bars Manufacturer In India

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars come with solid outer surface and softer core. Used for residential buildings, industrial establishment, and bridges, TMT steel barsare quite superior in comparison to traditional TOR steel bars because of their manifold engineering properties. Usually, best quality TMT bars in India are corrosion resistant and has several benefits. Notably, at Tehri steel company, we possess all qualities of TMT sariathat you would require for any of your construction tasks.

High quality TMT bars

We are the best TMT bar company in India.Our highly durable and corrosion resistant best TMT bars have made it possible for our engineers to generate structures that they have imagined. Our TMT steel manufacturers produce bars comprising of the below mentioned specifications:

  • Improved strength united with high ductility
  • Enhanced malleability
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Wonderful weld ability with no loss of strength at welded points
  • Important savings in steel costing
  • Elevated thermal resistance
  • Has strength to prolong fire

We use latest technology for manufacturing top TMT bar in India. Every inch of our bar is genuine and each bundle proves to be most outstanding. In addition, as a responsible TMT bars manufacturers, we incorporate rapid quenching of hot bars via series of water jets, once they roll out from the last mill stand.

Growth for all

Growth has been the best way of life for our TMT steel company and our main motto is actually growth with social conscience. As the leading TMT bars manufacturers in India,we want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our products and services. Over the time, we have proved our mettle through excellence in our role as TMT manufacturers, hence leading to happy clients and a sound growth for our company.